Artis Italien-Brezilian,born 7 septembre 1953 in Milan, Italie.

    • 1962-1975. lived in Brésil where he began to portray the landscapes that are central to this work.
    • 1972-1975. Studied painting at the Escola da Arte Docmenta in São Paulo, Brazil, under surrealist master Walter Lewy.
    • 1975. Moved to Paris, France. Traveled throughout Europe, Africa and the Middle-East.
    • 1976-1979. B.A. in Visual Arts, University of Paris.
    • 1976-1980. Studied history of art, pictorial techniques, drawing, art conservation and restoration at the Art et Avenir School in Paris, France.
    • 1977-1980. Attended art classes at the Ecole du Louvre and the Ecole des Beaux-Arts in Paris, France.
      Assisted Louvre conservators Dechelette, Rostin et Marechal.
    • 1978-1984. Underwent advanced training at major art conservation and restoration centers - Warsaw, Krakow, Rome, Florence, Bergamo, New York (Metropolitan Museum), Washington DC (Corcoran Museum and School of Art, National Gallery).
      He henceforth prepares himself his canvasses, sizes, colors and varnishes according to traditional, time-tested techniques.
    • 1988. Training courses on new synthetic adhesives and resins used to tread canvasses, with André Mielniczek of FNAROA (National Federation of Arts Conservators) in Paris, France.
    • 1986-1996. Organized conferences and guided tours of museums for various organizations.
    • 1989. Wrote a booklet on the use of pigments, binders and solvents.
    • 1990-1996. Taught painting and drawing classes in this studio, in Paris and in Orgeval.
    • 1993. Taught theory of art restauration (the intellectual and material creation of paintings) and a class on the preparation of carnvasses, ground s and oil colors (theory and practice) at Southwest State University, Marshall, Minnesota, USA.
    • 1993-1996. Gave lectures and guided tours of museums (Orsay, Louvre, Grand Palais, Musée du Prieuré) for the Lyçée Internationalin Saint-Germain en Laye near Paris, France.
    • 1997. Taught art at the Pré-Seigneur school in Villennes-sur-Seine near Paris, France.
    • since 1995. Member of the cultural Committee of Villennes-sur-Seine :
      Organizes tempory art exhibitions, conferences and artistic week-ends.
    • Since 2011 the crisis is, but the hope to survive and the love for art ace not crisis creation also…